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Recent Videos, Articles, etc.

September 2010 issue of Sail Magazine gave us a rave review. See excerpt here.

Island Institute's Working Waterfront published an article on the Portland Pudgy, entitled, "Portland Company Builds Locally-Sourced Lifeboats." It talks about Portland Pudgy, Inc.'s commitment to keep production within the US, and as local as possible. Working Waterfront is full of interesting stuff. Check it out!


Pudgy sailing with NEW Sail Kit

Boating Blogs that talk about the Portland Pudgy

Sailnet: 1, 2, 3

Cruisers Forum: 1

SV Precipice

C Dory

Captain Murph



Cape Dory


Living Aboard

Boat Maine

Morgan's Cloud (discussion of Pudgy lifeboat)

Tampa Bay Sailing Blog

Boating Knowledge Base

Sailing Anarchy

Marine Motion (show and tell for boats)

Narragansett Sailing

Willard Voyager (search for Portland Pudgy, and scroll down.)


Portland Pudgy Owners' blogs, websites, etc.

Captain Murph "In 2010 Captain Murph purchased the Portland Pudgy to serve as both transportation to and from Kelly IV as well as Kelly's lifeboat.  Since the hard dinghy rows and sails well it can serve as an excellent tender. ...The Portland Pudgy is a wonderful sailboat to begin sailing or to enhance your small boat sailing skills." 

SV Precipice "We love our dingy. It is exactly what we needed. It has been instrumental in saving our boat when we ran aground because it rows so well in rough weather and can handle two 45 pound anchors being dropped in it for kedging off a reef. It is a real workboat built for real world conditions. It is incredibly stable. We wouldn't use any other. In the sailing we do a dingy can mean the difference between life or death, and this isn't in reference to the lifeboat abilities of the pudgy just its stability and durability."

Hermes Wanderings: 1, 2

A Pudgy Owner's slideshow with 2 videos, showing Torqeedo Motor

SV Aphrodite. A brief clip. "S/V Aphrodite moored at Alofi, Niue in September 2008. Also shows me hoisting my Portland Pudgy ashore at the Alofi wharf. This is the only way to get a dinghy ashore in Alofi, there are no landings where you can haul out on the beach."

SV Malolo

SV Bluestocking


Please contact us, so we can list yours:! It doesn't have to be all about your boat or your voyage, as long as it's clearly relevant to the Pudgy.

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Lifeboats and Self-Rescue Boats vs. Life rafts, on inflatable life rafts versus lifeboats:  "The [Fastnet] inquiry board noted that 'life rafts clearly failed to provide the safe refuge which many crews expected.'...Your chances of survival on a raft on the open ocean are greater if you can sail or at least steer it in the right direction. Waiting passively to be rescued in a helplessly drifting life raft is a prime cause of despair and hopelessness. According to Michael Stadler, a German professor of psychology and a small-boat sailor, even the most desperate situation is bearable—even for someone on their own—provided they have some sense of controlling their position and environment."

Survivorman: Lost at Sea. Survivorman is a Canadian-produced television program, broadcast in Canada on the Outdoor Life Network (OLN). Yikes!

Wikipedia (shipboard lifeboats)

Morgan's Cloud (general discussion lifeboats v liferafts, and of Pudgy lifeboat)

Ditchbags. Note that you must provide your own ditch bag with the Portland Pudgy survival system. Read these articles (links below)  to see why we think this is the best policy:

Equipped to Survive.  Detailed instructions for  creating a ditch bag. Very important!

Yachting World, on the ditch bag supplied on an inflatable life raft

Latitude 38, on inflatable life rafts

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Great Boat Gear

Great Products

Great Boat Gear. These folks are passionate about finding the best boating equipment for the best prices!

Equipped to Survive. "The Definitive Source for Independent Reviews & Information on Outdoors Gear and Survival Equipment and Techniques. " Very well-researched and thorough, it contains product reviews as well as fascinating and useful articles about safety and survival.

Fiorentino Para-Anchor.  The sea anchor is a vital piece of survival equipment.  This link takes you to Zack Smith's (of Fiorentino) guide for using a sea anchor.  Fiorentino makes a sea anchor especially for the Portland Pudgy.

North Sails

Carlisle oars


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Wikipedia (dinghies)

Floating Doctors (Medical specialists sailing to remote places around the world to deliver free healthcare.)

Knotlog. A vast directory of marine businesses geared toward boaters.




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Directly Portland Pudgy-related


Adrian Flanagan: Alpha Global Expedition, Royal Southern Yacht Club. First solo North-South circumnavigation of the globe. Pudgy on deck.

Boat Maine


Maine Public Broadcasting Network, Emmy award winning small boats feature

Pudgy on Youtube

Cruising Resources

Boating gear

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Magazines that have done articles on the Portland Pudgy

Sail Magazine: 1, 2


Boating Channel


Maine Boats, Homes and Harbors

Good Old Boat

Power Cruising

Showboats International

Ocean Navigator

Maine Sunday Telegram


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Miscellaneous Interesting

Kids and Boats

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Portland, ME-related

15 minutes from Portland, Maine by someone who feels as lucky as we do to live in this beautiful town. And a sequel also starring Lucy: Lucy and Waldo in Thomaston, Maine.

Portland, Maine by the City of Portland.

Portland, day 1.  A nice tourist video from Youtube.

Portland, Maine Trip. Another nice one from Youtube. This shows Harbor Fish Market (a great store) and Falmouth town landing, where we moor our catboat.

Sledding on the eastern promenade. Best sledding hill ever!


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Made in Maine

Rocky Hill Design. Al Trescot, a photographer and writer, took the beautiful photo of the Babine's CDory and Pudgy in our photo gallery.

North Sails

Stabilicers. Great ice cleats, made in Biddeford, Maine! Check out the videos (pretty funny)!

Maine Meadworks. These folks are our neighbors at 200 Anderson Street, in Portland. They make mead. When you come visit us, go next door to see how mead is made.



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