Portland Pudgy proactive lifeboat

Lifeboat Components    

If you plan to use your Portland Pudgy as a potential lifeboat, certain items are essential: These items are described below.


Exposure Canopy

Boat cover   

Sea anchor 

Sail kit  

Electrical system

Solar panel

Safety harness eyes   


Boarding ladder



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fully-rigged Portland Pudgy lifeboat safer than life rafts because you can sail to safety.

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Exposure Canopy

(CO2 Inflatable) three-section canopy.  Transforms boat into 4-person, hard bottom, unsinkable,   proactive life boat (when used with sailing rig or oars).  Self-rights empty boat.  Stores inside Pudgy or is pre-set on gunwales (if used in preset position requires boat cover).  Includes:

·  Three-section canopy (with 6” dia. flotation tubes around entire gunwale and two 6” dia. support arches)  Adds 430 lbs of flotation.

·   Bow and stern tubes inflate by two CO2 cylinders (in 17 seconds) or by hand pump  (separate inflation system for each support tube)

·   Zip in middle section (with two 6”dia. flotation pods orally inflated)

·   Two top-off/pressure relief valves

·   Two inflation valves (US Navy approved), two 230 gram CO2 cylinders

·   Canopy material USCG recommended orange outside, blue inside (anti-nausea)

·   Canopy secured to boat with 12 st stl  pad-eyes (permanently mounted on boat gunwale)

·   Three windows (1 forward, 2 sides)

·   Four SOLAS approved reflective strips

·   Hole with flap for mast when sailing with canopy set

·   Rain catcher and spout

·   Adjustable bow and stern straps to allow access to sea-anchor or tiller

·   USN approved bellows hand pump.

Inflated exposure canopy. Portland Pudgy lifeboat safer than life rafts, because it's unsinkable.

NOTE: You will need to create your own ditch bag. You can keep one or more ditch bags in the interior storage chamber of the Pudgy. Here is a useful site with information on creating your own ditch bag

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The boat cover can be used alone, or in conjunction with the exposure canopy.  It is important because it holds the pre-canopy in place when it is pre-set, but not inflated.  We offer three models: the basic boat cover as detailed below,  a cover for use when hanging the dinghy from davits, and a cover for use with Weaver davits.  The basic boat cover includes:

·    Lt gray, Odyssey III, 6.5 oz./sq. yd,  coated polyester.  Custom colors
     and Sunbrella available at extra charge

·    Bungee fastener around perimeter plus two 1-wide web straps  w/snap buckles

·    Two grommet holes for draining. Four grommet holes for tie-down access.

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Sea Anchor and Rode

Designed by Fiorentino, specifically for Portland Pudgy  multifunction dinghy (a must for offshore cruising, together with exposure canopy). Back to top

life rafts, sea anchor

Sailing System

Stores inside boat through transom access hatch. Gaff rig.  Includes:    

·  Telescoping (aluminum) 8-foot mast, two position with push-button release

·   Gaff (aluminum)

·   Telescoping boom with yoke and out-haul jamb cleat

·   Sail, 4.5 oz Dacron, high performance. Reefs up when used w/ exposure canopy, creating unique proactive life boat. Reefs down if sailing in strong winds

·   Kick-up rudder (three-position), rudder post (stores under rear seat), and aluminum tiller with stainless steel rudder/tiller connector and soft foam hand grip

·   Gudgeons with pintle-lock mounted on transom

·   Rigging lines, Harken carbo blocks, and traveler line with jamb cleat (mounted on Pudgy)

·   Two leeboards (standard or performance, same price).  Standard store under rear seat, recommended for survival system. Performance lee-boards (35” long) store under middle seat.

·   Storage bag for sail, mast, gaff, and boom

·   Installation of sailing rig hardware when purchased with boat.

Sail with large orange panel (optional, instead of all white) Back to top


proactive lifeboat you can sail to safety

Electrical System

This is also an important although not absolutely necessary part of  the Portland Pudgy survival system. It illuminates the standard built-in compass, a LED reading light (red for night vision), and an LED pole light, and perhaps most important, it has a socket for a torch or GPS. You can recharge it with a solar panel, or with a standard outlet and charger. 

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Electrical system for life raft flares, torch, GPS, etc.

Solar Panel

Plugs into electrical panel outlet.  Allows charging battery while on the water. Charges battery in about 6 hours.  Stores in boat or on canopy.  Includes:

·   Four panels (folding)

·   Outlet plug

·   Alligator clips.

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solar panel charges lifeboat electrical system

Safety Harness Eyes

Four stainless steel eyes with backing plates are used for lifting the dinghy onto davits, and as a strong attachment point for safety harnesses.

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safety harness eyes, safer than life rafts, because it can't tear.


Pumps out storage chamber or cockpit.  Includes:

· Manual bilge pump, Beckson, 18”(inserts into storage chamber)

· Access port with gasket (mounted on gunwale).   Back to top

Pump keeps boat drier and more comfortable than life rafts.

Boarding Ladder/Fender

Multifunction Cylinder functions as a boarding ladder, grab line, fender, and foot support to right boat. Includes:

· Foam flotation cylinder with Sunbrella cover, which serves as a fender

·  Web boarding ladder, which is rolled around foam cylinder and when pulled serves as ladder

· Line through cylinder, which secures to boat and serves as a grab line.   Back to top


life boat components

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