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LOA: 7 8. Width: 4 4.  Height: 2 4. Weight: 128 lb. Interior cockpit length: 6'2".  Interior cockpit area:  16.1 sq. ft.

Capacity: USCG-approved, 557 lb  (motor, passengers, and gear). 4 person, 2HP. (This is greater than most 10' boats.)

For dimensional drawings, click here.

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Hull Material and Construction (Basic Boat)

The Portland Pudgy safety dinghy is rotation-molded polyethylene (the same high quality polyethylene that is used in ocean kayaks).

The hull is double (hollow inside) and the area under the floor is filled with closed cell foam, which makes the boat unsinkable.

The water-tight compartments inside the walls of the hull add to the boat's buoyancy and are accessible via screw-on hatches for additional storage.

Click on any photo below for a closer view.

Note 2 oarlock positions, bridle w/ stainless tow eyes, grablines, wheel, access hatches, reflective strip, adjustable middle seat (all standard).

Note textured floor, built-in compass, mast cup, drainage gutter, grablines, and reinforced through-holes (all standard)

Note adjustable middle seat, and grab lines (all standard). (Optional bow bumper, electrical panel, exposure canopy clips.)

Detail showing textured, non-skid surface, two oarlock positions, and reflective strip (all standard).

Stern interior. Note drain gutter, drain plug, reinforced motor mount (all standard). Nav light socket and lifting eyes optional.


The hull is molded with great attention to detail. The floor and gunwales have non-skid texturing. Drainage channels lead to the drain plug at the stern. Four reinforced built-in through-holes just below the gunwales serve as strong attachment points.

Strong polyethylene hand-holds are bolted into the long skeg. These are used for righting the boat. Top of page

Basic Boat Standard Components

Every Portland Pudgy safety dinghy includes the following components:

● Two 6-6 collapsible oars w/retaining sleeves & collars

●  Richie compass, standard (optional electrical system illuminates compass)

● Towing bridle harness (secures to two stainless steel eyes with backer disk for towing, lifting, sea anchor).

● Tethered drain plug (Self draining carrying 25 lbs or less).

● Hand-holds in keel for righting boat (which comes up dry after capsize)

● Three seats with hand holds (middle seat adjusts to two rowing positions for extra space and load/ballast adjustments)

● Five storage/access hatches w/gaskets (6.4 inside diameter. All accessories: sail kit, oars, exposure canopy, sea anchor, etc. fit through access hatches)

● Four reinforced through-holes fore and aft (used for tie-down, for securing fender/boarding ladder, and for use with an anti-theft, locking security cable)

● Four stainless steel oarlock sockets (for use w/adjustable middle seat), two stainless steel oarlocks (w/locking system to secure oars to boat)

● Double roller wheels (allows one person to roll  boat on dock or landing ramp)

● Grab lines (four)

● SOLAS approved reflective strips (three)

● Motor mount and aluminum retaining plate (removable) for long shaft 2HP motors.  Top of page

Optional Accessories

For detailed information on all optional accessories, see Price List. Also see specific Portland Pudgy pages where noted.

Optional accessories include:

Sail kit (also see Portland Pudgy Sailing Dinghy and Portland Pudgy Lifeboat Components)

Exposure canopy (see Portland Pudgy Lifeboat Components)

Boat cover (also see Portland Pudgy Lifeboat Components)

Sea anchor and rode (see Portland Pudgy Lifeboat Components)

Davit/safety harness eyes

Boarding ladder/fender

Electrical system  

Solar panel

Bailing pump

Bow bumper

Davit harness

Platform davits (Weaver davits)

Fishing rod holder

Anchor with rode and anchor holder.  

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The Pudgy is available in warm white, red, sunset yellow, dark green, and charcoal black.

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