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What's Unique About the Portland Pudgy?

Whether you're blue water cruising, sailing offshore, or exploring a lake, the Portland Pudgy safety dinghy is uniquely designed to get you safely where you want to go. The Portland Pudgy was designed as a yacht tender for blue water sailors, who could also use it as a proactive lifeboat they could sail to safety. The resulting versatility, ruggedness, buoyancy, stability, roominess, and high quality workmanship put the Portland Pudgy safety dinghy in a class by itself. 

For detailed information about the Portland Pudgy, go to Safety Dinghy FAQs.   Back to top.


rowboat, dingy, motorboat

"The wish list?

● We wanted a dinghy that would fit on the foredeck with enough room left over to work the windlass and sails.

● For convenience, safety and security, it should fit on deck in a ?ready to go state??

● Our new tender had to be able to carry the two of us, our dog, and a reasonable load of supplies.

In the water, it had to be stable enough to use as a fishing or diving platform.

● We enjoy rowing for exercise and sightseeing, so a good rowing hull was high on our list.

● A sail rig would be a nice plus.

● Durability was important. We did not want to be stranded somewhere by a dinghy with a hole in the side.

● Light enough to get on deck easily.

● Did I mention we wanted this magic package at a low price?"

Bill Kinney, one of the first Portland Pudgy safety dinghy owners, in Good Old Boat. May/June 2007, "Seeking the Perfect Dinghy: Here's One That Comes Pretty Close to Ideal".

More reviews from Pudgy owners, below.

Reviewed as great family boat, yacht tender, and alternative to life raft.

"The Pudgy goes where she's pointed.  Period.  Like she's on rails.  No arguments or drama..."
Mitch Z., MD. For a detailed review of the Portland Pudgy as a rowboat and as a sailboat go to Mitch's blog, Bone in Its Teeth.


?Better performance characteristics in one package than any dinghy I've seen...The best dinghy ever made!?  
Mike M., Harborside, ME.

"Just wanted to let you know that after receiving and inspecting my new Pudgy how impressed I am with its quality of construction and how every detail is so well thought out....This little boat has in every way exceeded all my expectations!!!! ...Thank you for building such a good product; this seems to be so rare at any price these days."
Tony B., NY

?I am the most popular slip in the marina (in San Diego) because of the Pudgy. I enjoy sailing the Pudgy around the marina and the kids love to row and fish from it. Whenever we are using it a crowd gathers and I am bombarded with questions. The old salts ask about its stability, weight and design and most everyone asks ?where can we get one?... We love our Portland Pudgy and highly recommend it to anyone.?   
Michael S., Phoenix, AZ

"Some more positive feed back on the Pudgy.  We love it!  We live onboard our ketch in Sausalito California and my wife has taken to rowing it a mile or two every day as part of her exercise routine... I have been impressed with the sailing ability of the boat, especially in heavy winds...I haven't yet found the winds where capsize seems possible!" 
Bill K., Sausalito, CA

"My wife and I are very pleased with the Pudgy. With the center seat that flips forward to shift my weight, we can row with my wife in the aft seat without the transom deep in the water and the boat trimmed nicely. Having a white running light is marvelous. It tows very, very well."
Rob L., Riverside, RI

Pudgy Owners' Slideshows and Blogs about the Portland Pudgy Safety Dinghy Yacht Tender:

Mitch Z. Two blog entries: First Impressions (thoughtful and thorough review of Pudgy rowboat.

Barry S., WA: Slideshow of Pudgy motorboat

SV Precipice, MI: Rugged Yacht Tender and Lifeboat

Captain Murph's Rowing Sailing and Lifesaving Dinghy

For more reviews and testimonials, click here.

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Yacht Tender / Rowboat / Motorboat: The Portland Pudgy safety dinghy is the ideal tender to row, motor, and tow. It tracks perfectly and moves along nicely with a small motor. The Pudgy is extremely buoyant and  has huge carrying capacity, both in the roomy cockpit and inside the storage compartments in the double hull. The Portland Pudgy (7' 8", 128 lb., USCG-approved for 4 people) is designed and manufactured (in the USA) to be an exceptionally rugged, stable, unsinkable boat.

Safety Boat / recreational Boat: This small boat is so stable you can stand up and walk around in it. The Portland Pudgy safety dinghy has all the benefits of inflatable boats and RIBs (rigid inflatable boats), without the risk of deflation. There is no need for an unsightly, expensive, and deflation-prone RID kit with the Pudgy: it's unsinkable, with built-in buoyancy.

Unlike inflatable boats, the Portland Pudgy safety dinghy is a joy to row. It can be rigged out as a fun sailboat, and as a proactive lifeboat.

Because the Portland Pudgy safety dinghy is so stable, rugged, and tracks so well when rowed or motored, it's also a great boat for fishing and hunting. 

Proactive Lifeboat: The Portland Pudgy safety dinghy is a self-rescue boat, even without the optional inflatable exposure canopy, sea anchor and other survival gear. With the exposure canopy, the Portland Pudgy is an unsinkable, proactive lifeboat. Unlike inflatable life rafts, the Pudgy is an unsinkable boat: it cannot deflate, and you can sail, row, or motor this rugged self-rescue boat to shipping lanes or land. The Portland Pudgy proactive lifeboat is a self-contained system: all of the survival equipment (inflatable exposure canopy, sea anchor, sailing rig...including telescoping mast and boom!) plus a ditch bag, fishing equipment, provisions, and more, stows within the sidewalls of the boat.

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