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Videos and Slideshows:

Up! In preparation for transatlantic balloon crossing with Portland Pudgy lifeboat as gondola, Jonathan Trappe spent 53 hours on the Pudgy without touching land. Mostly sailing, and toward the end, under the exposure canopy, ready for a night's sleep.

Up! Again! Portland Pudgy lifeboat/life raft alternative chosen as gondola in transatlantic balloon attempt. NECN news interview with David Hulbert about Trappe’s trip.

Portland Pudgy at one of the best boat shows in the world, the Maine Boatbuilders Show. Here’s an interesting piece.

Portland Pudgy sailing dinghy tearing downwind along the coast of Long Island, NY.

Kids having fun in the Portland Pudgy sailing dinghy. Pirates! Encounter with another Pudgy with the old rig. Light wind. Pudgy owner B.J .Porter

Portland Pudgy dinghy at TrawlerFest in Rhode Island. David Hulbert talks about the Portland Pudgy and how it came to be.  Interviewed on Boating Local.

TrawlerFest again. Boating Local talks to many trawler owners and builders, including David Hulbert.

European boat show demo. About halfway in you can see how easy the capsized Portland Pudgy is to right.

Adrian Flanagan aboard his boat for the world’s first “over the top” solo navigation, with Portland Pudgy lifeboat, Flanagan’s choice as an alternative to an inflatable life raft, on deck.

Slideshow of Pudgy motorboat. Barry S.

Happy guy in his Portland Pudgy sailing dinghy. Passing along the shoreline of a Mexican beach town and humming a Ramones tune.

Portland Pudgy Owners' Websites:

Captain Murph's Rowing, Sailing, and Lifesaving Dinghy

SV Bluestocking

SV Aphrodite


SV Precipice: Rugged Tender

Other Blogs:

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The TugNuts

Morgan's Cloud: Portland Pudgy Tender and Liferaft Combo

Boating Websites:

Yachting Monthly (British Boating magazine): "10 Tenders tested." A comparison of the Portland Pudgy and nine other dinghies. A very favorable review. Note that the changes suggested for the sail kit have been made since this article came out.

boatinglocal: Portland Pudgy is a Dinghy, Lifeboat, Sailboat


Whitby Brewer Sailboats

Navagear: Portland Pudgy the Swiss Army Knife of Dinghies?

The Boat House



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