Detailed Price List and Drawings and Detailed Dimensions of Portland Pudgy



Price List

Dimensional Drawings of Basic Dinghy

Drawing of fully rigged boat


The Portland Pudgy multifunction dinghy has been called "the nautical Swiss Army knife" (Soundings), and Twain Braden of Ocean Navigator states that this small boat is "as carefully engineered as any high-end, ocean-going yacht." 

Because the Pudgy was designed as a proactive lifeboat, it is a self-contained unit: all of the survival gear and other equipment fits inside the double sidewalls of the boat (even the mast, gaff, sail, tiller, exposure canopy, oars, and pole light) or stows neatly under the rear seat (rudder and leeboards).

The Portland Pudgy's long skeg makes this dinghy track beautifully when rowed or towed. At the same time, this small boat's exceptional buoyancy and the placement of the tow eyes in the bow prevent drag. Unlike inflatables and RIBS, the Portland Pudgy dinghy never yaws from side to side when towed, and won't flip.

The safety features of this lifeboat/dinghy are built into the design of the boat itself--not just in the self-rescue boat accessories. The Portland Pudgy dinghy is amazingly stable and buoyant, and unlike inflatables, it is very tough, and can't deflate or sink. It is a very strong and easy to use boat. It's great as a a serious, proactive lifeboat for the blue water sailor, or as a safe, fun rowboat for a kid in a pond; it's perfect as a rugged tender to row and motor, or as an access dinghy for the handicapped; it's a fun sailing dink or  a small fishing boat for sportsmen.