How to find information on this website


Click on any menu heading listed in the black menu bar. This opens a dropdown list.

Then click on the desired item from the drop down list. (This includes the topmost item. For example, you can click on “Testimonials,” the top item on that list, to see reviews by Portland Pudgy owners, and you can also click on “Press” or “Videos” to go to those pages.)


At the bottom of each page is a “Search” field. Type the word or phrase  you’re looking for, and click Enter. A page is displayed listing all of the website’s pages where that word or phrase appears. Click on any page in the list.

If you don’t easily find the word or phrase, you can then search for it on that specific page. Press the Ctrl and F keys simultaneously.  In the “Find” field near the upper left of the window, type the word or phrase you’re looking for, and click Enter. Each instance of the word or phrase on that page is highlighted.


Some pages have bulleted links that take you to a spot on the same page.  For example, on the Dinghy FAQs page, there are bulleted links that take you topics on that same page.

On most pages, when you click on a link, it should open a new webpage. The original webpage is still open.


You can click on a slideshow picture to pause the show. You can use slide show forward and back arrows.
Most non-slideshow photos can be enlarged by double-clicking on them. (Then either hit Esc or click the “X” at  bottom left to close enlargement and return to webpage.)

Contact information:

Our contact information is at the bottom of each page and on the Contact Us page.  Here it is again:

Portland Pudgy, Inc.
200 Anderson Street
Portland, Maine 04101
Phone: 207.761.2428