Owners Manual

The following are links to pdf files of the updated (as of October 2011) Portland Pudgy owner's manual.  You can read them online or print them out in color or black and white. Click on any chapter below to open it. (Note that if you are using an Internet translator, the pictures may not appear. )

Printing: The total page count is 124 pages (8.5" x 11"). Each chapter has an even number of pages and is easy to print out double-sided.

Viewing online: Note that in the table of contents at the beginning of each chapter, you can click on any item and go straight to that section.  Also, if you hover the cursor near the bottom of any page, a tool bar appears that lets you navigate through the document.

1A.  Front matter (cover)

  1.   Intro

  2.   Basic Boat

  3.   Sail Kit

  4.   Exposure Canopy (lifeboat

  5.   Sea Anchor

  6.   Boarding Ladder/Fender (MFC)

  7.   Electrical System

  8.   Pump

  9.   Boat Cover

10.   Davit Harness

11.   Swim Platform Davits

12.   Glossary

13.   Back cover









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