Portland Pudgy Dinghy Videos

Link to YouTube videos of the Portland Pudgy.


Here’s a video we just found, from the 2015 Annapolis Boat Show:



Noah Chalfant tearing along in his Portland Pudgy motorboat. Casco Bay, near Peaks Island, Maine.


Dinghy on Arm Davits

Get a good look at the Pudgy on arm davits.


Dinghy Towing

Watch the Portland Pudgy skim along as it is towed through Glacier Bay, Alaska.

Dinghy Sailing

Here’s a video of the square head sail moving along nicely in light air. Courtesy of Pudgy owner Elliot R.

Dinghy Carrying

This Pudgy owner uses a teeter totter system to get the Pudgy on and off the roof of his C-Dory.    You can see the loading system in action beginning around the 4:13 point of this video taken by another C-Dory owner.

Portland Pudgy Adventure

Adventurer/explorer Igor Stropnik, of Slovenia, sailed his Portland Pudgy down the Adriatic coast. His journey took nine days, and he slept aboard the dinghy. He ingeniously rigged out his Portland Pudgy with a whisker pole and spinnaker.

Dinghy Righting

This video (around :35) gives an idea of how easy the Pudgy is to right.

More Portland Pudgy Dinghy Videos

Click on the link, not the photo.

tiny Long Island Pudgy stillPortland Pudgy sailing dinghy tearing downwind along the coast of Long Island, NY.




tiny Porter's kids sailingKids having fun in the Portland Pudgy sailing dinghy with the 2010 improved rig. Pirates! They encounter another Pudgy with the old rig. Light wind. Pudgy owner B.J .Porter.



tiny Trappe test stillUp! In preparation for transatlantic balloon crossing with Portland Pudgy lifeboat as gondola, Jonathan Trappe spent 53 hours on the Pudgy without touching land. Mostly sailing.



tiny ramones sailing stillHappy guy in his Portland Pudgy sailing dinghy. Passing along the shoreline of a Mexican beach town and humming a Ramones tune.



tiny fiona stillTrying out their new Portland Pudgy, Fiona.


Portland Pudgy Dinghy Videos: Media

tiny trappe lift off stillJonathan Trappe, intrepid balloonist lifts off (in Portland Pudgy lifeboat gondola) for attempt at transatlantic helium balloon crossing.



NECN Interview with David Hulbert, re transatlantic balloon flight (interview starts at :25) 2013 Most informative video about Trappe’s flight.

Sailing Up Over Atlantic from Maine Boating Local interviews David Hulbert, Portland Pudgy president, at TrawlerFest, Warwick, RI, July 2010.

Portland Pudgy Dinghy Videos: Miscellaneous

WP_20150309_008 At the rotation molder, a new Portland Pudgy dinghy comes out of the mold.



 Pudgy Owners’ Slideshows

Jason Thistle’s Capsize Slideshow:

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Barry S., Washington: Slideshow of Pudgy motorboat