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Sailboat Info:

The sail kit makes your Portland Pudgy a fun, safe sailing dinghy. It also makes it a proactive self-rescue boat.

The Pudgy was designed as a proactive lifeboat for blue water sailors to be sailed to safety, and the stability and buoyancy designed into the Portland Pudgy also make it safe and sea-friendly as a recreational sailing dinghy. It's a serious self-rescue boat and at the same time a great sailing dinghy for kids and beginning sailors..

The Pudgy takes surprisingly rugged sea and wind for a boat its size.  The Pudgy is so stable its difficult to capsize, but if it does, its very easy to right, and it comes up dry. No need to wait for rescue (as with some recreational sailing dinghies)!  Back to top.


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"...a unique little tender...that can row, motor, and sail well, and its full-length keel enables efficient tracking when towed...

The boat's designer, David Hulbert...wanted a dinghy that also could be used as a proactive lifeboat...'When I designed the boat, I had bluewater sailors in mind,' Hulbert says, 'But I'm seeing a lot of interest in the boat as a tender or just a safe little sailboat to sail on the lake.'"

David W. Shaw, January 2008,  Soundings, "Little Boats, Big Jobs!"  

"I have been impressed with the sailing ability of the boat, especially in heavy winds... I haven't yet found the winds where capsize seems possible!"  Bill K., Sausalito, CA

"The Portland Pudgy is a wonderful sailboat to begin sailing or to enhance your small boat sailing skills."  Capt. Murph, PA (See his full blog entry about the Pudgy sailing dinghy.)

 I'm impressed, it's more stable than I expected and certainly more stable than my International 14 [sailing dinghy] and despite the chop on the bay this weekend it never took water over the bow. Ray C., Southampton, NJ

"I went on vacation for a week and had a chance to sail and power my Pudgy around. There is no dinghy that does everything perfectly, but the Pudgy comes closer than any other dinghy I have ever been on." Rob L., Riverside, RI

I am the most popular slip in the marina (in San Diego) because of the Pudgy. I enjoy sailing the Pudgy around the marina and the kids love to row and fish from it.. We love our Portland Pudgy and highly recommend it to anyone.   Michael S., Phoenix, AZ     Back to top.

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